Ripple Effect
4 min readFeb 4, 2022


Every January, Ripple Effect brings together our Ripplers from across the country and our various client work sites to celebrate project successes and personal achievements from the past year. Last Friday, we virtually hosted our 6th Annual Awards celebration.

This year’s theme was Better Together, and the awards were named after things that work better, together!


With her effective program management skills, Anita Gillis, an MIDRP Portfolio Area Manager, undertook the challenge to establish a new scientific portfolio in 2021 and managed the logistics for a portfolio roadshow this past summer for investigators. She was presented with the Hammer and Nail Award for her successful impact!

Senior Policy Analyst Marlee Nelson was presented with the Bow and Arrow Award for her commitment to developing new skills and content and outstanding ability to perform complicated analysis!

Instructional Designer Kat Small received the P’s and Q’s Award for her sharp editing and proofing skills, which have been essential in several projects for clients and Ripple Effect — measurably improving quality and deliverables!

Kathy Williams, FP&A Principal Analyst, stepped up in many ways in 2021 — leading aspects of the finance and accounting department while the CFO position was vacant, transitioning the contracts department to a new team, and leading the implementation of a new timekeeping platform for employees — earning her the Lemon and Lemonade Award!


The Cruising and Crushing It Award was presented to Administrative Support Specialist Ainsley Humphrey for taking the initiative to strategically think through problems and get things done and going beyond the call of duty to make sure things are done right!

The PCORI team received the Above and Beyond Award for exceeding what was expected and required from their client — bringing creativity, planning, and initiative to their work! The team includes Margie Beaudry, Ishita Das, Jevettra Gardner, Kevin Callahan, Hiwote Solomon, Daria Turner, Lexi Perry, Micaela Kirshy, Lia Bennett, Kriti Sharma, and Sommer Barnes.


Todd Gallagher, NAMD Budgetary Analyst, received the Dollars and Cents (Sense) Award for his exceptional management of finances for over 50 programs and over $150 million in funding obligations!

Our NIH Acquisitions Team was presented with the Knowledge and Power Award for their perseverance and grace during tough evaluations this past year. The team consists of Amanda Barczyk, Asher Beckwitt, Robin Flanagan, Denise Schneck, and Esther Lau.

Susan Cook, Senior Budget Manager, received the Strength and Resilience Award (Working Smarter, Not Harder) for her unflustered sense of calm, confidence, and poise as she handled various leadership and client delivery roles while managing her new team.


The CMS Human Centered Design Comment Analysis Team received the Rock and Roll Award for repeatedly innovating on the fly for their most recent project, especially when new software let them down a few times! This team includes Margie Beaudry, Asher Beckwitt, Robin Flanagan, Denise Schneck, Ellie Kerr, Emily Abbruzzi, Jen Ludwin, Samantha Blount, Kiemesha Corpening, Jendy Dunlop, Christina Gilbert, John Gudgel, Amal Iftikhar, Kate Perepezko, Shari Robinson, Mrudula Satyala, and Nana Tufuoh.

Rookies of the Year

The Chicken and Egg Award was presented to the following Ripplers:

Maysaa Alobaidi, in the Research & Evaluation division, received this award for contributing fresh ideas, renewed energy, and endless hustle in problem solving and efficient implementation.

Richard Stratton, on the Business Operations team, brought multiple efficiencies to our business development and contracts team, covering these critical functions with grace and care!

Jevettra Gardner, from the Program & Policy division, delighted clients with an extensive timeline for their strategic planning effort!

Shaunna Cofield, in the Communications & Outreach division, stepped up and took on the overall management for an event after only a few months on the job!

Elisabeth Flessner, from the Strategic Planning division, prepared in advance and contributed insight on opportunities for team building!

Experimentation and Failing Forward

The Tried and Tested Award was presented to Proposal Manager Danai Barnes for trying something new and using experience in proposal management and business development to experiment with ways to work smarter and make successful proposals even easier!

Developing Business by Solving a Client’s Problem

The Baseball and Bat Award was presented to the LAN team for delivering on an ever-evolving set of priorities, working with prime client transition, and executing a successful event! The team consists of
Debbie McCarron, Natalie Mazur, Langston Payne, Julia Dillon, Shaunna Cofield, Natasha Boston, Chris McGurn, Kat Small, Evan Wowk, Anna Crichton, and Teresa Kowalczyk.


Program Manager Heather Huntsman received the Coach and Team Player Award for having the mentoring and leadership capabilities of a coach and the humbleness and grit of a true team player!

Dynamic Equilibrium

The Calm and Collected Award was presented to Communications Manager Julia Dillon for her ability to meet new challenges head-on with a proposed solution despite vague tasks and tough clients!

Advancing DEI

Senior Business Consultant Jasmine Ranjitsingh and Science Policy Project Manager Ishita Das received the Today and Tomorrow Award for their contributions to DEI for Ripple Effect and for our clients.

Overall Ripple Team of the Year

In recognition of their outstanding achievements tackling challenging tasks, creating new SOPs and processes to provide the highest level of support, and blocking out their calendar to closeout over 3000 awards, the Program Analyst team was presented with the Block and Tackle Award. The team consists of Dason Brathwaite, Cassie Redden, Crystal Ferrell, Thomas Jackson, Kelly Elizabeth Webster, Snigdha Amara, and Jodie Mussio.

Overall Rippler of the Year

Senior Science Writer and Editor Elyssa Warner was presented with the Pen and Paper Award for taking initiative in opportunities to grow our work and enhance Ripple Effect’s reputation.